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Accessories and Misc.

"Sports Medicine Boots" (suede with sticky glue closure) Front and Hind different heights for a better fit to your horse:  10.00   just front or hind, 6.00 pr  Shown in photo to right.

Bell Boots:  in colors to match boots above 4.00 pr  Shown in photo to right.

*Cinch Covers:  felt or suede, pick cinch type and colors: 
Normal Straight wester or english cinch
felt: 3.00  Suede: 5.00
Roping or Contoured Cinches
felt: 5.00  Suede  7:00

Open Front Jumping Boots:  two buckle straps, wear pad, etc.  10.00 pr
Can have fake buckles with sticky glue for easier attachment.

Skid Boots:  for horse's hind fetlocks:  6.00 pr
Can have fake buckles with sticky glue for easier attachment.

Lunge Line:  2 ft long lunge line, chain option, etched snap, silver snap or buckle end, hand loop.  Specify leather or ribbon.  Leather:  7.00 add 2.00 for silver buckle or snap end.  Ribbon: 4.00 (etched end)

*Lunging Surcingle:  attachment for side reins, blankets, training harness etc.:  10.00

*Lunging Caveson:  for "proper" lunging, several lung line attachment places, padded noseband, browband:  10.00

*Side Reins:  for lunging with a saddle or surcingle.  Great for Draft horses too:  6.00 pr.

*Gymkhana Surcingle:  Handles and attachments for vaulting:  10.00

Tie Down/Martingales
Western tie down with strap (to breast collar):  7.00 
Running Martingale, ring around reins to breast collar (English or Western): 4.00 
Standing Martingale (attaches to breastcollar):  4.00 
Racing Y (solid center):  5.00 
add 1.00 to all for strap to go all the way to the cinch.

Hand Twisted Lariat: (shown right with square skirted saddle) Waxed linen looks amazingly like real rawhide.  18 inch rope has leather bound hondo for better wear and popper end.  $15.00  For saddle attachment, add $2.00

Show Hobbles and Lariat: leather lariat in rolled and flat leather for show use in trail or arabian western classes.  Also, hobble of rolled leather.  Both items have silver accents and beads.  
Lariat: $15.00  Hobbles: $10.00

Misc. Halters and Bridles.

*Halter/Bridle Combo:  Great for trail rides and endurance:  20.00

*Draft Show Bridle:  Bridle with special cast snaffle:  30.00